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  1. 阿拉伯版

        Dongguang Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd is a new pattern joint-stock enterprise reunited from China Packaging Hebei branch office Dongguang Packaging Machinery head office, which has more than twenty years development history, the company specialized in discovery, development and production of three layer, five layer, seven layer corrugated cardboard production line, the products have been sold in many countries and regions, such as Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Our company had abundant export experience and swift after-service for the buyer. The quality of products and company reputation are widely praised by friends in this line.
        Many years, our company considers 'Quality is first, trust is root' as our principle, to meet customer's demands is our unique target, to supply outstanding quality, professional technique, good function products, we would like to cooperate with domestic and abroad friends in this circle earnestly and sincerely, work hard to expand, share the benefits, hold our hands and create the future of packaging together.
    Add:No.252 Guanzhou Road,     Dongguang town,Hebei     Province,China
    Contact person:Mr. Ren
    Mechanical Engineer: 18833787558
    Electrical Engineer: 18833711585
    Copy Right All:Hebei Dongguang Packing Machinery Co.,LTD
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